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(011) 827-4488
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Smiley Kids Lambton Telephone Number
(011) 827-4488
Smiley Kids Lambton E-mail Address
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The Smiley Kids Baby stimulation was developed in 2002 in cooperation with an occupational therapist.  The main focus points are brain stimulation and development through daily exercises and baby massaging. 

Smiley Kids pride ourselves in the quality of our stimulation program.  All Smiley Kids babies are assessed on a weekly basis to make sure milestones are reached.

Caregivers are trained on a regular basis to assure the stimulation program is presented according to specifications. 

With our specialized menu we make sure that a healthy body maintains a healthy mind. 

Our ratio ensures personal attention to all Smiley Kids babies. 


Smiley Kids Lambton Baby Care Services
Smiley Kids Lambton Baby Brain Development  

This program was developed to ensure a holistic development through Kinaesthetic, Visual and Auditory learning experiences.

Smiley Kids Lambton Baby Optimal Learning  

Stimulation exercises are done daily to form the brain paths for specific skills.

Smiley Kids Lambton Baby Massage  

By massaging our babies daily we stimulate their central nervous system helping them to relax and be more comfortable in their surroundings.

Smiley Kids Lambton Baby Mobility  

By focusing on grasp and fine motor development we ensure that baby reaches his/her milestones. This is done through well planned Gross Motor Games / activities and Baby Aerobics.

Smiley Kids Lambton Baby Sensory  

We focus daily on sensory development by introducing specific planned activities.

Smiley Kids Lambton Baby Physical Care  

We provide the best care for your baby by using hand and surface sanitizers as well as disposable gloves and face masks.

Smiley Kids Lambton Baby Bible  

As a Christian School we expose children from a young age to Christian values.

Smiley Kids Lambton Baby Motor Skills  

Gross Motor is the foundation to Maths and Literacy, to ensure that that your baby develops holistically.

Smiley Kids Lambton Baby Care

We pride ourselves in the exceptional Baby Stimulation Programme that we follow. This was developed in co-operation with an occupational therapist specializing in Baby Development.

Smiley Kids Lambton Daycare

Learning through play forms the basis of our programme. By following our daily programme each child develops holistically.

Smiley Kids Lambton Preschool

We focus on kinaesthetic establishment of learning concepts through creating ample opportunities to explore and learn through using muscles, senses and motor skills.

Smiley Kids Lambton Aftercare

We render this service to learners from the surrounding primary schools.